Welcome to my author page!

I'm currently writing the first book in 'The Wavy Lady' series, a warm and humorous story about a smart and sassy hairdresser who is a member of UGH, the United Guild of Hairdressers. Stay tuned to follow some of her international missions and exciting adventures. Grab your free short story below as a taster.

Hairdresser with tools


Take a trip down memory lane with Sylvia Scutlash.


How did she become an agent of UGH?


How is it she came to marry a gay man and inherit the Wavy Lady Hair Salon?


Read this story and become acquainted with the strong, big-hearted Sylvia which, if you care to take a seat in the salon, you will hear all about in due course.

© 2017 by Karen Peradon.
Red Feather Publishing

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