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Are you looking for a friendly and approachable editor?

Are you searching for someone who communicates clearly and is invested in your writing?

Are you after a professional who will go the extra mile to make your words flow like a river and sing like a bird?

Or do you need someone who will just write the words for you?

Congratulations! You found me!

With over eleven years of proofreading and copy-editing experience, I edit novels, non-fiction, essays, theses, emails, websites and resumes. I hold a Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing). Find out more about me here.

I'm ready and waiting with my 'red pen' or (track changes!) so let me turn your text into a smooth-flowing, concise and grammatically correct masterpiece.





Check out some books I've edited here.


Writing doesn’t come naturally to many people. Either the words never match the image in your head, or your writing comes out as a stream of consciousness, or perhaps the idea of learning grammar bores you to tears! You may have a burning desire to tell a certain story or a life lesson to teach or an idea to bring to life, but the writing part puts you off. Maybe you have already written it but you’re too scared to show anyone.


Besides, editing is expensive. Though the feedback editors give is priceless, it takes many hours for them to read through, edit and comment on a large body of text like a novel or a thesis, and that costs money.


This is where I can help you out. I’ve been an editor and writer for over 15 years, and I have just opened a Patreon page. For a monthly subscription of AU$49.99, I will edit up to 1500 of your words a month. This is perfect for chapters of a book, short stories, blog posts, articles, and even emails. Rather than paying a few thousand dollars for an edit, you can get your text done in bite-size chunks.


If you would like me to edit your ongoing projects, join up here:


I can’t recommend Karen highly enough! Karen is a professional, knowledgeable and punctual proof-reader/editor. She is always available. When requested to proof-read a document or an essay, Karen does her job perfectly. She is magical when identifying and extracting incorrect grammar, punctuation and clunky elements that stop the flow of a document without changing the writing style of the client. When requested to edit a document, say an article or essay, she is a world of vocabulary and imagination. She is a respectful and polite person; she courteously suggests a change in a document, but never demands it. I have known Karen since 2014 and never have I been disappointed at any time. This is why I have been recommending Karen’s services to my friends who come from all walks of life, from students to professionals, and none has been dissatisfied with Karen.

Sultan May 2019


I am writing to say a huge thank you to you Karen and to let anyone who is requiring an editor know, that Karen Peradon was the main editor of my novel and I must say, she was extraordinary. She has the air of complete calm about her which made the process of publishing my book so much easier. Her editing skills fantastic and her correspondence and communication with me impeccable. I will definitely use her again and I can't highly recommend her enough. She is professional and authentic in her work and caring by nature.

Nirmala May 2019 


Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism. All of your comments on the pages are appreciated. 

I am definitely going to recommend you to all of my friends who need proofreading or editing. 

Thank you for your kind work. All is perfect! 

Thank you so much,I just want you to know that what you have done for me is a piece of art :) 


I found Karen's post on Gumtree and I worked with her on editing my Ph.D. thesis. She helped me a lot to edit all my thesis chapters.

Karen is a lovely person and her editing and proofreading are amazing. She works very hard on writing and corrects every single word. She was usually able to send my writing before the deadline in a few days, so I usually had enough time to review my writing and send it again to her if necessary. From my experience, I can say Karen is one of the most important proof-readers because she focuses to make your writing look coherent and consistent and the flow of logic is very strong. Also, her price is very reasonable. I had worked with a lot of proof-readers and all previous proof-readers would only look to how much money they can earn from you and they don’t care about your work, and their charges were very high but their service was very bad compared with the price. Therefore, I recommend the proof-reader, Karen, to check your writing before submitting your essays, thesis, and books.

Omar May 2019


Karen Peradon proof-read my entire 225-page book manuscript in 2019. She did such an excellent job in correcting and editing my language that my publisher, Edward Elgar (UK), had a much easier time in their final copy-editing of the work. Karen’s style is that while she takes good care of the language aspect, she ensures that improvement of English words and expressions is sorely intended to help the author better convey what he/she wants to convey. She is also very timely and charges reasonably. My observation is shared by some Ph.D students whose work was also checked and improved by Karen.

Jie Chen, Associate Professor, and Chair of the discipline of Political Science and International Relations, School of Social Sciences, UWA.

Mission Statement

Red Feather Publishing listens to you, understands your requirements, determines your voice & brand and offers love, support and encouragement, returning edited or written work in a polished and timely manner.

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