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Books edited by karen

Who doesn’t love a good book, an exquisitely written piece of prose, a clever plot twist, or just a good old-fashioned pun? ME! There has never been a time when I haven’t had a book on the go, or a journal, or a story unwinding in my head. So it makes sense that I spend my day creating text as a copywriter, or editing it as a freelance editor.

I love reading the works of my clients. Every day I learn something new, and there is nothing more rewarding than helping a writer's masterpiece get out into the world.

I've had the privilege of working on some amazing books:

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A life of working with Women and the Sacred for Penny, and one of living with colour and esoteric spirituality for Anthony has culminated in Meet Me at the Well, a book of Holy Wisdom and Nurture for women. Each verse a container of Words and each image a colourful prayer to infuse your days.


Words are one of the most powerful tools we have as humans, even more so when spoken out loud. Colour is inspirational as an essential quality, and valued as a bridge towards connection, balance and wholeness.


This beautiful treasure is here to inspire you through the 52 weeks of the year. Perhaps learn the verses off by heart or meditate on the images. However you chose to engage in these pages will offer you a deep well of spiritual practice.


Drink deeply from this wellspring of divinely inspired, refreshing and beautiful poetry and art.


A woman and her husband go on a journey to another realm where they meet a teacher; Hatma. Hatma guides them through his miraculous light-filled land where they receive wisdom and teachings. They visit puffing mountains, a circular city and learn to speak the language of music. By learning how to communicate through thought, light, sound and love, they create amazing new animals and, ultimately, worlds.


This story was channeled by Meta Overman and her husband Rob Hyner in 1955. Its stories and lessons are as relevant today, showing our human existence and soul life to be much deeper, more complex and richer than our earthly experience seems.


Now in her 9th decade, Anne John-Aitken recounts her remarkable life, spanning the world and making friends wherever she went. Born in Haiti in 1929, she has rich and vivid memories of her childhood growing up in the West Indies. In her teens, her family moved to England and Anne served as a WREN in the British Royal Navy before marrying and living in Scotland, England and Malta.


In 1968, Anne emigrated with her husband and five children to Fremantle, Western Australia. In 1980, as soon as her youngest reached adulthood, Anne and a friend set off on an epic tour around Australia in a truck converted into a mobile home. She went on to go on many round-the-world trips, including a visit back to Jamaica in 1984. Anne retells her escapades with charm, warmth and humour in colourful detail.

This book is a fascinating read for both friends, family of Anne and anyone who wants to be inspired by a strong, adventuring woman.


Welcome to this enticingly overgrown backyard, where by the glow of a comforting campfire you will meet The Old Lady who shares with you her liberating secrets.

Sipping on aromatic tea, freshly picked from the wild surrounds, be regaled with fantastical stories and entertaining antics that will enliven and warm your heart. Rich with humour and kindness, the lovable old lady will joyously set your mind free.

A timeless friendship that will invigorate your life and quench your parched soul, every sip of tea brings a gift, every gift reveals the beautiful truth about you... ready to be unwrapped together.


Dr Johan Janssen has been listening to, measuring and mending his patients' hearts for over 40 years. A large part of his role as a Cardiologist is to educate his patients in heart functions and health.

He has written this book to help further serve not only his patients but every person who has a beating heart inside their body. The straight-talking, conversational tone of this book explains the intricacies of the heart, its functions, its incredible design and its diseases in easy-to-understand terms.

Dr Janssen likens this pump in our bodies to an engine with all its working parts. All cars need to be checked and fine-tuned and likewise our own internal pump. This piece of machinery works with electrical, plumbing, and mechanical functions which all work together. It works long and hard for us to live a healthy life, but unfortunately humans don't always afford the respect it needs. Poor lifestyle choices and hereditary conditions can affect the functioning of the heart, and Dr Janssen goes into friendly detail about what is best for this incredible organ.

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