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The launch

On November 21st I finally held my first ever book launch! It was a long time coming,I started writing 'The King's Voice' in 2009 and it was published in August 2015.

It was held at The Glyde-In Community Centre in East Fremantle, a perfect little venue. Surrounded by friends and family I birthed my book into the world.

This part of the process was the hardest for me. I have two children and they both took only 3 or 4 hours to arrive earthside. Publishing 'The King's Voice' was a year long labour, and unlike having a baby, I was able to resist and hold it in!

The writing part was fun, the editing was a little tedious but doable, however telling people I had published a novel was excruciating. I procrastinated and hid for 3 months, I skirted around the idea of the launch and tried to shrink into obscurity. I only blurted it out to the most trusted and kind people. But at last one of my closest friends kicked my backside and ta da! 'The King's Voice' was born and, just like my two children, it looks pretty damn good!

I had this amazing cake made by My Delicious Cakes. It really had the 'wow' factor.

Here I am giving my speech. I had a simple Powerpoint slide playing and my vintage Underwood typewriter to display a book on. The children insisted in calling it a 'writing machine' and loved pressing the keys.

I thanked many people in my speech but would like to give a shout out to Pick-a-woowoo Publishing who guided mr through the process with skill, professionalism and generosity.

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