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Tell me, what is your book about?

This is a question I am asked daily, so over the next few weeks I will tell you more about what is going on between the pages of The King's Voice.

To start, here is an excerpt from the prologue.

‘Many Moons ago, when the Sun was a mere starlet she danced through time wearing robes of violet with iridescent ribbons flowing from her hair. She was the maiden of the galaxy and flirted with whoever she came across. She ran rings around Saturn and threw meteors at Pluto, she blew volcanos at Uranus and played hide and seek with the Moon. But there was something about Mars which attracted her. She teased him with circles that made him dizzy, she blew him kisses that made him soggy. Until, one day, Mars exploded and thundered:

“Why do you tease me so, Glow-Maiden? Come here and be my wife!”

So she ran to him in delight but her passion scorched him and he tossed her far, far away and turned his back on her. As her love burned, her sandy tears flowed, along with small drops of Mars’ glowing embers which floated down and landed on a little rock. The rock grew bigger and bigger with Sun’s sandy tears until it became a teardrop shaped planet which she named Goaero.’


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