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Your Right to Riches

Many years ago I found this book at an op shop. It literally fell off the book shelf into my hands. It is called “Your Right to Riches” by Colin P. Sisson. The book has the most awful, tacky cover, but as the saying goes ‘you can’t judge a book…’.

There is gold in them there hills!

This book taught me that abundance is a two-way street, that it is as important to give as to receive. In fact, it is part of three natural laws; the laws of attraction, accumulation and contribution. Now I haven’t always been able, or felt abundant enough to give but the desire is always there.

So when I launched my book, ‘The King’s Voice’ I pledged to donate a percentage of my takings to a good cause. It is an incredible privilege to be able to read and write and I am eternally grateful that I have these skills which open up so many worlds for me, both real and imaginary. I feel blessed to have had an education that enabled me to do this.

There are many who don’t necessarily enjoy the advantages I have. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation help bridge this gap in Australia and so this week I finally got around to fulfilling my pledge. As you can read below they do an abundance of amazing work for Indigenous communities in Australia.

Dear Karen,

Thank you very much for your generous support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Over the lifetime of the project, thanks to donations like yours, we have:

• delivered more than 120,000 books and literacy resources to over 230 remote communities

• funded Book Buzz, an early literacy project, in four remote communities

• published and or funded, in partnerships, more than 40 community literacy projects

• travelled with ambassadors and authors to conduct writing workshops in remote schools across Australia

• launched a writing mentoring workshop in Alice Springs with a bequest from Pamela Lofts Estate.

In 2015-2017 our Foundation will focus our resources on early literacy and we look forward to updating you on our work.

Thank you again for helping us to make a difference. Please contact us if you have any questions about your donation.

Yours sincerely, Karen Williams, Executive Director

Post script:

Immediately after this donation I got a reply on Gumtree for an item I was selling which was about to expire after a month of no interest, thus proving the Law of Contribution: whatever I contribute will return to me multiplied!

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