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Sweetening the deal

So it’s been a year and a half since 'The King's Voice' was published, and dammit I’m not rich or famous yet! My journey of self-publishing has taken me on a steep and uncomfortably long incline of learning. I fear I will never reach this ever-changing mountain of knowledge but I am making head way!

A story is only really born when someone reads it and so the first (non-writing) job of a writer is to build an email list. It’s an intimidating job to ask people for their email address. My inbox desperately needs a crash diet. I mean, the junk food is already taken care of by the spam folder and my inbox is still popping buttons. I’ve tried surgery but it doesn’t really help as more and more fat is being consumed every hour. Not long ago I had made peace with keeping an average 50 unread emails, today it’s 250! So I am mindful of adding more calories to people’s inboxes.

To sweeten the deal, writers usually offer a freebie. And that’s exactly what I’m doing, why reinvent the spiel, right?!

I have started writing a brand-new series, something completely different from The King’s Voice (although I am also working on a sequel to that). This is a contemporary setting, here in Australia but does involve travel to other countries. The stories are colourful, funny and quirky. I love crafting the characters and crazy adventures they take to make the world a better place.

I have written a short story to introduce the main (awesome and gutsy and female) protagonist ‘Sylvia Scutlash’. She is a hairdresser and in ‘The First Cut’ we hear about how she became to own The Wavy Lady hair salon.

Would you like to read it?

Of course, the catch is you need to trade me your email address, but I promise I’ll only add fresh, tasty and non-fattening emails to your inbox. Stay tuned for instructions.

Book cover - woman and hairdressing tools

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