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Dying Roots, Book 1 of 'The Wavy Lady' series


A warm and humorous story about a smart and sassy hairdresser who is a member of UGH, the United Guild of Hairdressers.


A great fun and enjoyable read. While I knew that this is a murder mystery, and the main character, Sylvia, is tasked with solving the crime, I knew from the title and description that I would enjoy this book - and I did. I laughed aloud many many times. After getting started I had this mental picture of a group of people sitting down and brainwashing a list of words related to "hair, salons, hairdressers, etc." that could be used in this story as puns, lead-ins, and descriptions of people and places. Who would not laugh at this description stated by the main character: I never trust a man with more hair on his neck than on his head! I have to say, the girl solves the crime/mystery with great panache. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Hairdresser with tools

Take a trip down memory lane with Sylvia Scutlash.


How is it she came to marry a gay man and inherit the Wavy Lady Hair Salon?

How did she become an agent of the United Guild of Hairdressers?


Read this story and become acquainted with the strong, big-hearted Sylvia which, if you care to take a seat in the salon, you will hear all about in due course.

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