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Karen Peradon - author

I'll take you on a journey. Follow me...
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Sylvia Scutlash, orphan, widow and hairdresser, has only one remaining relative, her unloving Uncle Arthur. The last thing she expected was to compete with him to inherit the family business—the Wavy Lady hair salon. The other last thing she expected was to find there was a special agency that connects hairdressers all over the world. When she finds herself initiated into the United Guild of Hairdressers, she is sent off on a mission to England to solve the mystery behind a hair dye malfunction at the great Vitale Crassoon’s salon. In London, Sylvia must get to the root of the hair dye disaster and her own family tree.

In this colourful and quirky story, the big-hearted Sylvia finds her way around London and her family tree with a bunch of larger-than-life, vibrant characters. Half mystery, half search for meaning, this is a fast-paced, amateur-detective story set in 1977 between the Australian outback and the glitzy glamour of London’s hairdressing world.



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ISBN 978-0-9942845-5-6

All that glitters is not gold at the 1987 Golden Scissors Hairdressers competition. Sylvia Scutlash, agent to the United Guild of Hairdressers, is glad to escape from her sleepy Perth suburb in Australia and head to the bright lights of Las Vegas. The sumptuous Pharoah’s Palace hotel is awash with hairdressers—the ideal place for her to solve her latest mission: to find out who or what is threatening the very fabric of the guild.

But murder by scissors and the dreamy DI Danny Good distracts Sylvia, along with a beefy new judge on the award panel, and a pushy sales rep for a new range of hair product. While her good friend, the famous Vitale Crassoon, faces numerous incidents that are impeding his chances of winning the competition, and Humphrey Lebonne’s gambling addiction keeps Sylvia on her toes, can she discover where the hairdressers’ data is going and save UGH? Will DI Good find the murderer? And, above all, who will win the prestigious Golden Scissors trophy?



By Tony Moon as told by Karen Peradon


A lost galaxy, a perfect planet. The Horoscopian Zodiac Warriors must find a new home. Earth is just the place and after a long flight, they lie dormant waiting for humans to find them.


Feisty PhD student Lily Noor is the first to uncover the Zodiac Warrior Aries. Soon others are finding the alien superheroes scattered all over the globe.


But all is not as it should be. The world is running out of water, and mega-rich businessman Orlando Focus is buying up every last drop on the planet.


Will the humans find the Zodiac Warriors before it’s too late? Can the team work together to save the planet and themselves?







A whimsical fantasy fairy-tale that takes you on a journey with Mallory, a soldier who’s been tasked to find the missing voice of the King.


This novel immerses you in the dream-like world of Goaero, which is as much a character as the three main people who are weaved into the story.


Meet secret-keeper Kafir Lily and the unknown boy Fifery as well as winged beings and blue-skinned inhabitants, plenty of normal folk and mysterious crones.


Will Mallory Kafir, and Fifery’s paths cross? Does the King find his voice?


Find out by reading this unique book that can be enjoyed as a bedtime story for your children or adults alike.


"A wonderful fantasy debut novel from Karen Peradon, bringing to life the richly imagined world of Goaero. Intertwined stories and a narrative flow to keep you turning those pages. Wonderful stuff!!"

"A great descriptive novel. Karen takes us on a lovely journey."

"I can't wait for the next one to be released. Wow!!!"

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